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"Viagra: effect of the drug and positive effect on men
Many men require doping for normal sexual intercourse. This use of a "Viagra" — the effect of the drug lasts about 4-5 hours, which allows the normal man to have sex at any time, as long as the active substance.

This is one of the best and most convenient ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction.

The Action Of "Viagra"

"Viagra" and "Generic Viagra for sale" have practically the same composition, with the exception of ballast substances. Therefore, the effect of them is the same. The action of "Viagra" based on the active substance Viagra — artificial cure for impotence.

It helps in the release of nitric oxide, which is essential for relaxation of smooth muscles of the penis. Due to this, the blood vessels the cavernous bodies fill with blood and an erection.

The drug helps even in severe forms of the disease, treat both physical and psychological impotence.

The optimal dose of the substance is 50 mg Viagra. It can be used once a day. An overdose can cause dizziness — can occur:
temporary disorder of color vision

There is no point in doing the overdose "Viagra"

The effect of the drug is not increasing, but the possibility of side effects will increase. The tool first works in 80% of patients, with constant use of it is enhanced.

Is it possible to improve the potency of other drugs?

To improve erection, you can not only using the "Viagra" — the effect is clearly visible and from other means. For example, successfully uses "generic Cialis" — a drug that works in the day and a half. One dose of the active substance enough to ensure that the man could attempt sex within 36 hours.

Effective in improving erections Generic Levitra". This tool for some patients much more effective than the famous "Viagra".

She works 10-12 hours, during which time a man may safely commit several sexual acts.

Conveniently, any stimulant has an effect already with the first dose. In addition, agents can be used in virtually all patients, except there are people with diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver.

Drugs are perfectly combined with any meal and even alcohol, so a romantic date with a glass of wine will not hurt a good night sex. Young men often use stimulating drugs for a variety of intimate life - buy viagra usa

Men's "sildenafil" for a bright intimate lives

The best way to instantly improve the quality remains male erections "sildenafil and its analogues. This is a unique drug that from the first application has an effect. Before on these drugs to men with problems of potency could only dream of. Today, even young people are taking pills to increase the feelings and sensations during the sexual act.